About Us

Great establishments take their time to come into being and in September 2008 we opened our doors and folk have been flooding in ever since. Our slogan is “More than just a Bar, it’s an experience” is something we strive to deliver.

Great Food and Awesome Beers is the currency of this establishment.

Central to our theme is a giant Waterfall and Tree (complete with its own possum). Every hour or so the “West Coast Storm” kicks in.

We won’t say too much here, you need to go in and experience it for yourself. Once you have been you will want to bring back all your visitors to also experience what is fast becoming a legend in its own right

We have six different areas for you to explore. Each one has its own story and it sure does make interesting reading as you sap up the atmosphere and the fascination and intrigue of the whole place.

There is the Hunters and Fishermen and other Liars Lodge. The truth is not necessary here. You will be seated in a lodge like environment in HUGE leather chairs and a cosy fire in the corner. This is the most popular section for diners. Perhaps it’s the freedom of speech, although we think its much more than that.

Then there is the Lost Jacksons Bay Gold Mine. Lots of mystery and legend here. We’ll leave it to you find about the “Great Cache of Gold” that has never been found. If you listen hard, you might be surprized what you hear.

Over in the “Secret Business Corner” you can talk about anyone you want, as long as they are not present. It’s an idea that is a long held tradition on the West Coast and we are introducing it here to see if it catches on. Let us know what you think please.

The Good Bastards Club Rooms is “where too much humour is never enough”. Look we know everyone loves a good laugh. So it’s right here that you can wheel out your best gags. It’s not unusual to hear much laughter emanating from this area.

You will also find the Lake Matheson Duck Shooting Mai Mai. Lake Matheson is at Fox Glacier on the West Coast and it’s a sacred place and claimed to be the most photographed place in new Zealand. Well way back before DoC or National Parks and freedom abounded, it was a great place for Ducks. Can’t tell you too much, but if you have a nose around, you will find much intrigue in this section.

Last but not least is the Legends and Larrikins Bar. There has been some serious timber gone into building this. (There is serous timber throughout the whole place, check out the massive beams in the ceiling). Suffice it to say that many friendships are forged around here and even more rekindled and made stronger. There is an original Robinson Helicopter crashing through the wall. Apparently it’s from The Jacksons Bay Venison and Greenstone Recovery company.

Now this is a ticklish subject so it’s no laughing matter if you get our drift. When we opened we had Speight’s on tap and it was our biggest seller. Then it slowly slipped down the ranks in popularity as the West Coast Brews gained favour. Soon we were hardly selling any of it, so we took off the taps. It’s still available in bottles but we don’t sell much of it. You can buy a West Coast sampling tray or TRY GREEN FERN, its arguably the world’s most perfect beer.

We invite you to come on down to 43 main North Road Papanui Christchurch, South Island New Zealand and partake in some fine West Coast fare and a cleansing West Coast Ale and enjoy our great West Coast friendliness and hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you.

Bookings are essential as we do get booked out. Give us a ring on 03 354 1583.



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